May First Movement Technology's Meeting Site

Secure online meetings with language justice support

If you do not have a live interpreter or do not need interpretation then please use our standard Jitsi Meet server.

If you do need live, simultaneous interpretation, then you are in the right place.

After launching your meeting, ensure that your interpreter changes their display name to include the word "interpret". For example: "Maria (interpeter)".

Once you have at least one participant who is identified as an interpter, an interpretation slider will appear for all participants. If they slide it toward the interpret side, they will only hear the interpreter and none of the other participants. If they slide it toward the "live" side, they will only hear the participants and not the interpreter.

Please slow down for the Interpreter.
Connection status: Connected
Click the microphone to mute and un-mute.
Interpret Live
Move the slider to the left to hear interpretation, and to the right to hear the live speaker.
Your Name: (change)
Interpretation Live